I have always believed that knowledge is power. In fact, I try to dedicate about an hour day to what I call, continuing education.

To be successful marketing online, it is essential to stay updated with the industry’s latest trends and customize your strategies accordingly.

I have assembled a list of 101 Best digital marketing blogs that should be on the reading list of every online marketer and SEO professional.

Have a look at them, and see if your favorites made the cut. Have any suggestions or want your blog considered? Just contact me.


1. CopyBlogger

CopyBlogger is one of the leading content marketing platforms that every content marketer will want to add to their favorites. The layout is a step by step guide to boost your business online.

The best thing about this blog is its simplicity. It teaches you to create, post your content at the right time,  and in the correct manner without overburdening yourself.

CopyBlogger ensures that all your myths about SEO are gone and makes you a believer again. It gives you a complete understanding of how to post your content.

Further, it also spills beans on how to keep the audience glued to your content just by making it more appealing and user-friendly.

2. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is a guide that helps the readers make money online using its great tips. The content gives tips, advice, and tutorials about blogging trends followed lately.

Problogger helps individuals learn the skills of marketing. You don’t have to search hard to find articles on how search engine optimization interest online marketers.

This platform covers topics like content, SMO, local search engine optimization, Penguin penalty, and SEO, which are all essential to increasing traffic to your website.

Since the theme centers around blogging, you can get great ideas on creating content to draw more visitors to your site. That in turn, improves your sales and helps you make money in the process.

3. Content Marketing Institute

With a mission to advance the practice of content marketing, this blog first started as Junta42 in the year 2007. Joe Pulizzi began the Content Marketing Institute when marketers needed better education in marketing content online.

He believes that with this platform, he can help brands market themselves better.The blog help brands in attracting new customers.

It also helps in retaining the existing ones through the multi-channel and compelling storytelling. Even the readers, who are beginners in the area, find useful.

And, that is because of the posts related to content marketing steps that you could take to take your business to a new level.

Readers look forward to the blog as they get concrete ideas about the latest content strategies and examples that passed the test of time.

This is my go-to content marketing blog.

4. Convince and Convert

Convince & Convert is considered as one of the best content marketing stages. It acts as a digital marketing advisor where you can learn a lot about digital advertising.

Readers love the blog as the posts are short and written in a lucid and straightforward language. The site helps you create content that draws the attention of the customers. Thus, helping you improve your business.

You also get tips to find out how you can modify your existing content by thinking out of the box. You will be guided to incorporate innovative ideas into your marketing plans, to make them successful.

Strategic advising is where the post aims. You get help with establishing user experience and digital marketing tactics.

Also, you will gain insight into how to convert the visitors into customer and retain the existing customers by offering them the best solutions.

5. POST-Advertising

There are three essential parts of POST-Advertising blog.

They are Story Making, Story Finding, and Story Living.

When it comes to advertising, the task is tedious.

It takes quite a lot of time and effort to produce the right content and make it available in the right way to the right readers.

After posting an advertisement, the work does not end there. One has to ensure that the right people see the content of the ad. Further, the audience should give it the appropriate response.

There are some of the essential elements that this blog places its focus. First is story finding. After the creation of a brand, the next step is promotion via a blog or a post, to public online.

They need to have the appropriate content which gives out the relevant information about the brand in a subtle yet impactful way.

The next stage is the story making. It is the process of creation of the content. Finally, comes the third stage, story living. Story living is the third and the final stage of Ad posting.

6. Seth’s blog

Seth’s blog authored by Seth Godin is one to add to your favorites. Business Week called him ‘the ultimate entrepreneur for the information age.’ He has written ten books, all of which turned out to be best-sellers.

His books, as well as the blog, aim to create a positive change in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing.

People who are lazy to keep reading big posts and articles find his blog posts great as these are mostly short and sweet. But, he makes sure that the posts contain powerful messages that help online marketers and people in business alike.

He mostly concentrates on basic concepts of business and marketing in his writings. He intends to help people start a successful business.

Seth’s power-packed posts have inspired many people to take the right steps in their business and take it to new heights. Readers stick with him due to his simple style of writing.

7. TippingPointLabs

Due to being a content marketing agency, the blog’s primary focus is on digital marketing and its development.

The whole idea behind online marketing is building engaging content. Content that can lure the customers to the product available and can have a positive impact on the viewers.

That would include creating awareness, transforming leads into customers, rewarding loyalty, and the likes. The more unique your content is, the more viable it is to be sold to the public.

That is precisely what Tippingpoint Labs tries to convey using its exclusive content.

8. The Copy Bot

If you are looking for some excellent web writing advice then, The Copy Bot is one of the right places for you to step in. It doesn’t brag much and gets you right into the business.

It lists some links that open up to relevant posts carrying the best guide on different topics and concerns related to writing online.

The posts are in reading, writing, copywriting books, how to write killer content, copywriting formulas, offbeat posts on writing and much more.

The material is loaded with ideas and techniques never thought of before which you can put to best use to fulfill your aim.

9. Scripted

Scripted is the one-stop solution for all content writers and content marketers. When considering online marketing in today’s concept, content is the key.

Building useful and productive content can draw a high Google search ranking. For one, it deals with marketing strategies in small businesses to bring in responses to online advertising.

It also includes the importance of technology in digital marketing. One crucial concept covered in the content here is proofreading and the future of copywriting and copy editing in content marketing.

10. Sales Lion

A website owner has one of the priority tasks of acquiring the right traffic to the site and ensuring best optimization of the search engine.

The content should be for reference that can guide you in the best way by bringing home the best-researched methods.

A lot of time is required to research and understand the process, but Sales Lion does it all for you in a simple, lucid style for anybody to understand.

You will know how to improve sales, marketing, and video communication through the content marketing consulting, HubSpot training and workshops.